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Saifei joined the Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association, involving multiple fields for reference and learning

my country's non-standard automation equipment demand is booming and rapid development

In recent years, with the continuous increase in labor costs, more and more companies have begun to pay attention to the field of industrial automation equipment, especially non-standard automation equipment, which is not as simple as traditional standard equipment...

The future of China's steel logistics industry

The integrated development of the steel logistics industry is the basic means of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of steel logistics, and the necessary guarantee for the development of China's steel logistics industry into an efficient industry...

Slide sorting system

Piece sorting is a material handling process that quickly distributes many different items to many destinations according to their requirements. In the past, the sorting of pieces was generally carried out with human power and with the help of simple machinery. Its main disadvantages are the large amount of labor, low effectiveness, and high error rate...

Excellent not to leave the field-"Excellent staff travel articles"

No cumbersome plan No heavy burden Only the purest attitude Come on an unforgettable reward tour As a tourism activity in recognition of outstanding employees Not only narrowed the feelings between employees Increased friendship between employees