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Slide sorting system

Piece sorting is a material handling process that quickly distributes many different items to many destinations according to their requirements. In the past, the sorting of pieces was generally carried out with human power and with the help of simple machinery. Its main disadvantages were the large amount of labor, low effectiveness, and high error rate.

With the development of production and commercial chain business models and the fierce increase in commodity varieties, the current item sorting system has become an important facility in various industries, such as post, medicine, tobacco, books and other terminal distribution centers. It is also an automation of material handling. An important branch.

System composition

The two-way slider sorting system designed and manufactured by the company is mainly composed of four parts: pre-processing equipment, two-way push block sorting host, post-processing equipment, control device and computer management.

1. The pre-processing equipment includes a feeding table and other auxiliary conveyors and operating tables that transport items to the two-way slider sorter before the two-way slider sorter. The two main functions of the feed station are: First, the operator uses the input device or barcode recognition device to send the size and destination address of each sorted item to the information processing system, and then is converted by the controller to determine the direction and position of the push block. A series of instructions such as quantity and driving branch mechanism; the other is to control the time and speed of sorted items entering the sorting host, so that the items entering the sorting host are synchronized with the allocated push blocks to ensure accurate sorting of items. Other auxiliary conveyors transport sorted items to the feed station, which can be set according to the requirements and conditions of the sorting system site.

2. The two-way push block sorting host is the core equipment of the system, which is composed of slab conveyors, push blocks, turnouts and other key components. According to the instructions of the control device, the sorted items are sorted to the corresponding offline grids through the slider .

3. Post-processing equipment generally refers to the down-grids installed on both sides of the two-way slider sorting host. Its function is to temporarily store sorted items. There are many types and forms of offline grids, such as: powered and non-powered, chute and row wheel structure, etc., to meet different needs, line grid slogans are generally equipped with pre-filled grid and full grid sound and light reminder function. After the grid is full, it will be collected by the work and loaded and shipped. There is also a post-processing system that directly connects the telescopic conveyor or other conveyors to the offline grid to improve the sorting efficiency.

4. The control device and computer management are the sorting information and processing of the items, and the action instructions are issued to each execution mechanism of the system equipment, so that the items enter the destination quickly and accurately at the predetermined sorting port, and the sorting and processing of the items are completed . Computer management is mainly for recording, monitoring and statistics of the operation data of each equipment in the system, collation and printing of relevant production materials, technical data, various reports, etc., and can be networked with the host computer to achieve network management.

System Features

1. The sorting action is relatively soft, suitable for sorting easily tipped or fragile items.

2. Sorting is fast and accurate, the sorting efficiency can be as high as 14,400 pieces/hour, and the sorting error rate is extremely low.

3. Strong sorting ability, the number of sorting can reach tens to hundreds.

4. Two-way slider type can separate items to both sides, saving floor space.

5. Strong adaptability to the sorted items in shape, weight, size, packaging form, etc. It is suitable for sorting all kinds of luggage, bags, flat parts and other non-rolling objects.

6. The system can achieve high speed and high efficiency, with a maximum speed of 120m/min. It can be adjusted steplessly within the range of 60~120m/min. Different processing speeds can not only meet the line productivity during peak operations, but also meet the low noise and long life of general operations.

7. The way for the operator to enter the sorting command in the sorting operation is simple, fast and diverse;

8. The functions of automatic control and computer management are perfect, safe, reliable, and stable processing of sorting and remote fault diagnosis.

9. Equipment structure adopts steel frame, aluminum alloy skateboard, polymer engineering plastic push block, ultra high speed reversing switch.

Main technical parameters of the system

1. Specifications of sorting items: L: 150 ~ 1500mm; W: 50 ~ 600mm; H: 10 ~ 600mm;

2. The maximum number of lower envelopes: 80 (both sides)

3. Conveying speed: 60M/min~120M/min

4. Weight: 0.5 to 60Kg

5. Sorting efficiency: Q=V/(L+S)×60

In the formula: Q---sorting efficiency, V---conveying speed; L---average length of sorted items (generally 400mm); S---minimum interval high of sorted items (one side is selected as 300mm, 500mm on both sides).

Two sides: Q= V/(L+S)×60=4000 ~ 8000 pieces/hour One side: Q= V/(L+S)×60=5100 ~ 10280 pieces/small

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